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Emergency Services

Disasters and tragedies strike at any moment ! From earthquakes; volcanoes; ash oods; forest res etcTimely responses are critical to the saving of lives.Working with our network of Emergency Rescue Services and aid to disaster and poverty and droughtstricken parts of Africa and the world at large.Our network comprises of a wide range of aircrafts from small light aircrafts to Helicopters 

Emergency services 

emergency services 

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Ariel Advertising

Do you want to see your brand y? S.A.G can literally make this happen at a local andRegional level .We have a portfolio of partners who specialize in getting your Brand offthe ground and have your target literally raising their eyebrows as your brandzooms past them in a unique way of ighting your brand.Get ahead of your competition by ying past them and impress your clients with asky-ad 

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